Standing Order Program

Standing Order Program

Standing Order Program

Pacesetter Games & Simulations announces the Standing Order Program for its first printing limited edition releases. Due to heavy demand for first printing limited edition modules, PG&S has initiated the Standing Order Program for its customers.

The Standing Order Program will allow customers to add their name the Standing Order Program List and reserve an opportunity to purchase a desired quantity of first printing limited edition modules prior to public release. The program works in the following manner:

A customer provides order information and quantity of modules desired for each release. When any first printing module is released, that customer has five days to purchase the quantity of modules per their standing order. The customer has no requirement to make a purchase. The Standing Order Program simply reserves a requested quantity of modules for each first printing produced by PG&S.

Customers will automatically remain on the program list so long as they make their requested purchase each time a first printing module is released. Customers who do not make the purchase in the five day grace period will be removed from the program list. Customers removed from the list may seek reinstatement, but they will move to the back of any waiting list. Customers may request to be removed from the list at any time.

Customers on the program list will receive two advance emails notifying them of release of the first printing limited edition module. The first advance notice email will be sent approximately two weeks prior to publication. The second notice will be issued six days in advance of the public module release. The customer may then make their purchase after the second email notification; again, there is a five day purchasing period prior to general release. Please note, this is not an advance order; the module will be available for shipping immediately.

After the five day purchase period has concluded, program list participants will have one additional day to make additional purchases of the module before release to the general public if any modules remain on a first-come, first-served basis.

The advance email will include a link and purchase instructions.

A list of first printing limited edition modules included in the Standing Order Program will be available at

To add your name to the Standing Order Program List please forward the information request to:

Full Name:

Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Paypal Address: (email address and actual name on account)

*(Favorite on-line forum and user name: (i.e. bbarsh at

Quantity of Modules:

*Optional, but it sure helps in avoiding confusion.

No information will be distributed or sold to any other entity. The Standard Order Program List is the under sole ownership of Pacesetter Games & Simulations. The list will not be made public.