NTX3 Legends of Adventure - Soft Cover

NTX3 Legends of Adventure - Soft Cover
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As you may know, we are only a few days from one of the most highly-regarded OSR conventions on the planet – The North Texas RPG Con. This convention was created Doug Rhea in 2009 and made its mark by inviting numerous old school game designers and artists to attend. This convention pioneered OSR conventions as we know them. This past year I learned that Doug Rhea was diagnosed with cancer. No one ever wants to hear that word, and I called him immediately. His response - before I could get a word out - was that the convention would stay on track! Committed doesn’t do Doug’s desire to hold a great convention justice. Doug has always done everything imaginable to make the NTX a great convention...including spending whatever it takes to make it so. It was with that in mind that I decided to do something to help him out. I was already working with some former TSR legends to produce a new product so it was a natural adjustment to take it up a level. I approached more of these designers and artists and they came through. Big time. You are holding a 104-page book loaded with adventure and art from some of TSR’s greatest legends. The adventures are all NEW content! Darlene and Jeff Easley have supplied NEW artwork! This never would have been possible without the Doug Rhea and his convention. With that in mind, all of the proceeds from this book will go to Doug and the NTX. I have been very fortunate to have attended all of these fantastic conventions and I will just say, if you can only attend one convention, go to the NTX. You will play great events and meet gaming luminaries. And you will get to meet Doug Rhea. Make sure you thank him!

Contents of Legends of Adventure: The Adventures Ariadne Research Hospital by Dennis Sustare The Afterlife of King Aemon by David “Zeb” Cook The Isle of Beeback in Lake Nessumsar by Merle Rasmussen The Broken Tower by Steve Marsh Bad Day at Circle-7 Ranch by Steve Winter Dragon’s Secret by Jennel Jaquays

The Artists Darlene, Jeff Dee, Diesel, Jeff Easley, and Jennell Jaquays has fully illustrated her beautiful 40-page Swords & Wizardry adventure.

Legends of Adventure is a 104-page soft cover book. It has a limited printing of 200 copies which are individually numbered. Additionally, we are offering a hard cover print for pre-order. The hard cover will be limited in quantity to all orders taken from now until the end of the convention, Sunday, June 4, 2017. Those copies will also be individually numbered. This book will NEVER be reprinted in any form. It will not be released in PDF form. Please go to pacesettergames.com and order your copy now. The cost of the book is $45 (soft cover) and $55 (hard cover). Remember, all of the proceeds from the sale of these books will be donated to Doug Rhea/North Texas RPG Con.

Respectfully, Bill Barsh Pacesetter Games & Simulations